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Dedicated To Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Treatments

Using A Participant-Centered Approach

Centralized Admissions Department

Dedicated To Substance Abuse Treatments

Using A Participant-Centered Approach

Another added commodity to the UVBHI New Approach model is its centralized admission services. In keeping with our Person-Centered Care approach, a centralized admissions department allows more time for screening and assessing the needs of our participants while familiarizing them with the substance use treatment, mental health therapy, and recovery support process. We believe that family involvement is an important factor in the treatment, therapy, and recovery process, so this new department will acquaint families as well.

UVBHI Admission services will serve as the gatekeeper to help ensure our participants experience the benefits of recovery that will last a lifetime.


• I think I Or My Child Has A Problem. What Should I Do?
Please feel free to give us a call to schedule an assessment.
Office at 281-427-8786

Can I Get Help In Spanish/Se Habla Español?
Yes, we have Spanish speakers available to help.
Sí, tenemos hispanohablantes disponibles para ayudar.

How Long Is The Residential Stay?
The length of time for a residential stay is determined on a case-by-case basis.
However, most adolescent boys stay for about 90 days.

• Are There Residential/Inpatient Treatments For Adults & Girls?
At this time, we only offer residential treatments for boys ages 13 to 17

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