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What Drives UVBHI

Here at UVBHI, all residents are called participants because we encourage and expect them to participate in their recovery actively. We use person-centered care to help participants understand their substance use disorder and learn tools to attain long-term recovery. We are excited to provide our participants with treatment to help meet their needs. Additionally, we spend considerable time meeting with all staff to improve our services – including everyone from receptionists to janitors.

We Put Participants First, No Matter What

Nearly half of Americans have family members or friends with substance abuse issues. However, only a fraction of those who suffer ever get the help they need.

Substance abuse affects more than just one person, and it impacts friendships, familial bonds, the relationship with oneself, and so much more. We provide a safe place for participants to turn to when it’s time to move on from substance abuse.

We’re a powerful network of open hearts and ears. We listen to the voices of those who need aid and connect with those around them, providing extra support along the way.

Our Mission

To provide effective person-centered care that meets the needs of all people who struggle with substance abuse disorders.

Our Vision

A community in which substance use disorders no longer exist because of quality, evidence-based prevention, treatment, and recovery support services.

Our Purpose

Participants learn to make choices that improve their quality of life on their journey towards recovery.

Our Story

Formerly known as Unlimited Visions Aftercare, Inc. (UVA), Marilyn Jones founded Unlimited Visions Behavioral Health Institute (UVBHI) in Houston, Texas, in 1996 with $200, a vision, and the support of her father Lonnie Jones. UVBHI started as an outpatient adult substance abuse treatment program in Houston. However, it quickly expanded to the Baytown and Pasadena areas of Texas.
After many years of success, added funding, accreditations, certifications, licensing, and community support, UVBHI has grown to be an asset for those who struggle with substance abuse. Furthermore, UVBHI has become a community for participants and their loved ones to learn, gain a deeper understanding, and cultivate their relationships with one another moving forward.
Today, UVBHI is a thriving network of substance abuse and mental health treatments for teens and adults. Together, we help others make meaningful decisions moving forward and reclaim their recovery.


Became a United Way of Baytown funded agency


Received State of Texas funding for Specialized Female support services


Opened its residential treatment program for adolescents in the Region 6 area of Texas


Became a $3 million non-profit corporation serving participants in three locations throughout the areas of Houston, Baytown, and Pasadena


Received funding from the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to provide residential treatment services for adolescents in the Region 8 areas, covering more than 25 counties


Became accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)


Received funding from the state to start a pilot service and recovery support services


Became a $5 million non-profit. Additional funding is given to begin the Youth Recovery Community program


CARF recertified UVBHI Opened the Recovery and Wellness Center Became licensed for a total of 52 beds for our Adolescent Residential Facility


UVBHI began
providing adolescent
residential services to female participants


CARF recertified UVBHI for an additional three years


UVBHI launched the New Approach; 5 year improvement and expansion plan. UVBHI began providing mental health to adults and adolescents


At Unlimited Visions Behavioral Health Institute we look beyond what we are presented to see the whole person. As a Black Woman owned and led company, UVBHI knows what it is like to be excluded. That is why we fight to ensure everyone we work with feels as though they are treated with respect, love, and person-centered care despite their race, religion, age, or sexual orientation.

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UVBHI Is A $5 Million Non-Profit With State
Funding To Combat Substance Abuse On
A Human-To-Human Level.

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