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Unlimited Visions Behavioral Health Institute serves teens and adults in the Greater Houston area by providing guidance, treatment, and education for substance use and mental health issues. We use a person-centered approach in an accepting environment, giving participants the skills needed for long-term rehabilitation.
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millions of americans struggle with substance abuse, mental illness, or both - we're here to help

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A recovery and wellness center for Houston participants since 1996.

Residential Treatment to reach young men

Intensive and supportive programs for males aged 13 to 17 located at our Pasadena campus.

Flexible Outpatient Assistance

Individual and group therapy for young people and adults are available in person and through teleconnection.

Prevention Opportunities for families

A safe space for effective and educational activities for parents, teens, and organizations.

Recovery Suport with trained specialists

Diverse Youth Recovery Community (YRC) and Recovery Support Services (RSS) for teens and adults.

Our Person-centered approach

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Unlimited Visions Behavioral Health Institute was established by Marilyn Jones in 1996. UVBHI first opened as an outpatient adult subtance abuse treatment program. Since then, our services have expanded to provide teens, adults, and insurance networks across Texas with the quality care, support, and tools needed for a successful recovery.
We’re dedicated to our person-centered approach, partnering with participants to celebrate each success and reclaim their comeback – no matter where they are in their journey.

Offices & Locations

Admissions & Administrative offices

1126 Hub Street
Houston, Texas 77023
Phone: 713-921-2276
Fax: 713-921-7466

Houston Office

5527 Lawndale Street
Houston, Texas 77023
Phone: 713-921-2276
Fax: 713-921-3855

UVA Recovery & Wellness Center

5519 Lawndale Street
Houston, Texas 77023
Phone: 713-921-2276
Fax: 713-921-3855

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