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Our Intensive Program is structured to provide 30 hours of chemical dependency services, an individual session, and family session weekly for 45 days. Our Supportive Program is structured to provide 10 hours of service, family sessions, and alternative activities throughout the participant's 60-day treatment plan.

UVA lunch served2In the Substance abuse field, we use the terms “residential” and “inpatient”. At Unlimited Visions, both these terms mean that a person will be staying on our campus from the beginning of treatment until the end. Both “intensive” and “supportive” are words used to further describe the type of treatment we provide. Intensive treatment means that individual and group sessions occur more often during the week. As a participant progresses through treatment, they become more successful in understanding what is necessary for a life in recovery. As they progress, the treatment can change from intensive to supportive, meaning the participant is meeting for individual and groups sessions less frequently.

We offer a residential program to adolescent males and females, ranging in age from 13-17. Both 12 year olds and 18 year olds can be accepted on a case by case basis. While living on our campus, these participants have an opportunity to learn more about their substance abuse disorder while attaining a traditional education. With completion of the residential program, the participants can join the adolescent outpatient service we offer. Our Adolescent Outpatient services are provided at the Pasadena and Southwest campuses and we offer services to adolescent boys and girls, ranging in ages from 13-17.

Our residential services include but are not limited to: in house prevention, substance abuse counseling with individuals, groups, and families, family Sundays from 1-3 PM, psychoeducational services, delicious and nutritious meals, relapse prevention, life skills such as interpersonal communication, anger management, and problem solving, co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders (COPSD) case management, alcohol and drug education, exposure to alternative peer groups, fields trips to different colleges, museums, football games, etc. We’ve also recently partnered with Adventure Learning to provide our participants with new and different experiences. Participants who are actively focusing on their recovery as well as being a leader on campus get a chance to enjoy mountain biking, yoga, rock climbing, hiking, camping, ROPES courses and fitness classes.

Please read our Director’s Welcome Letter below and if you have any further questions, feel free to call us at our Residential facility at 713.534.8191.

Demarish WyllieGreetings to all our potential participants, family members and loved ones,

Our adolescent facility is located in Pasadena and houses two dormitories, a cafeteria, a University of Texas University Charter School, and space to play soccer or enjoy a pickup game of basketball.

Personally, I have 8 years in the substance abuse field and 7 years with Unlimited Visions. I got into this field by working with adolescents in organized sports and mentoring in the Juvenile Detention courts. Through this work, I identified a need for counselors who can sympathize with young boys and men who have a need for greater services. The most rewarding part of being the Director of Residential Services is helping adolescent participants develop and improve the quality of their lives.

We know that you may have some questions or concerns about the behavior that your child is exhibiting. You are welcome to call us with these questions. You may also admit your adolescent by calling and requesting an appointment at 713.534.8191. We look forward to partnering with your family to make sure that your child achieves their highest potential. I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones.

~Demarish Wyllie, LCDC
Director of Residential Services

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Partners in Recovery

We provide quality, evidence-based services with the support of our funders and partners in recovery:

Rockwell Fund
Adventure Learning Program
Texas Juvenile Justice Department
Texas Department of Criminal Justice
City of Houston Community Development Block Grant
Texas Health & Human Services Commission
United Way of Greater Baytown Area & Chambers County
Liberty County Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention

We also partner with companies, school districts, Harris County Probation Department, drug courts, and other organizations to support adults and adolescents on their road to recovery.