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Individualized Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Adults

Individualized Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Youth

Adolescent Residential Treatment>

Youth Prevention Programs

Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders (COPSD) Program

Individualized Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Youth

UVA provides 3-6 months of treatment including

  • Group sessions
  • Individual sessions
  • Family Group/Night

Adolescent Support Services: With permission from the client, the staff will contact and engage the client’s family in the treatment process, assist the family in overcoming barriers to active participation, and identify appropriate services and treatment needs.

Family Support: In Home or Office Visits- With client consent the staff will visit the client’s home for the purpose of counseling the client’s family concerning substance abuse.

Psychiatrist consultation: Staff will arrange for and provide funding for the cost of a psychiatric evaluation to discuss co-occurring disorders if such services are indicated by the clinical assessment.

For more information or for admissions, call (713) 534-8191

  • >UVA provides services to youth ages 12-17.
  • Accepts clients with co-occurring disorders.
  • Provides family components and continuum of care.
  • UVA is funded by DSHS (Department of State Health and Human Services).